Planetarium Manager

Planetarium Manager

Planetarium Manager is Portuguese online soccer manager game started in 2002 and active to this day. In spirit the game is similar to Hattrick with simple rules and simple interface and built for massive-multiplayer purposes. But contrary to Hattrick in Planetarium Manager player details are slightly more extended - 12 different skills describe him plus few supporting parameters. The players have specified position they should play on and thus the skills that describe them are purely technical, like finishing, heading, agility, etc.

The divisions structure is rather complicated - pyramide shape - but with less levels than in Hattrick, which means that new players often start on quite high level (f.e. 4th division). The match engine is similar to Hattrick with text description of events, but very few individual statistics. There are two transfer options - auctions and free agents - which means that you can sign players rather quickly.

Overall one of many Hattrick-like games with some depth added (although simple interface makes those extra informations less interesting). No great ideas, no revolutionary options - just another online soccer manager.

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