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Santa Monica FC Online

Single player online football manager.

Mystify Soccer

Simple browser-based online soccer manager game simulating 8 different real leagues. The game is very simple, but offers direct transfers and has devoted users that play it for years.

Soccer Manager Online

Guide to soccer manager games.

Football Manager games

Websites that analizes the football manager games.

Football Directory

Categorised and sorted directory of football websites sites.

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Tedious Retro Gamer

Retro games site.

All Amiga Game Guide

Guide to Amiga computer games.

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Online Games Bay

Website dedicated to online games.

Top Web Games

Website dedicated to online games, also featuring Football-o-Rama.

Lone Detective online game

Online detective game - find motive to find the killer.

Where's Caroline? interactive novel

Interactive novel based on characters from Caroline in the City sitcom.

Racing Team Manager

Upcoming online racing team manager game.

FUEL Basketball manager online

Online basketball manager - build your basket club and face teams from around the world.

MBST1 online puzzle game

Online puzzle / decryption game - decypher messages to progress.

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