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You do not need to install anything on your device - whole game is played through browser, so all you need is access to Internet and a web browser.

Philosophy behind the game

Yeah, yeah, I know it sound terribly pompous, but on the other hand if you force yourself to get through this paragraph it may save you a lot of time on reading all the rest.


First of all Football-o-Rama is devised as simple multiplayer online game, which means the whole interface and data range is minimalistic, so if you expect stunning graphics and 3D match engine you should look elsewhere. Basic player parameters are limited to just 8 and it will stay that way, f.e. parameter pace covers pace and acceleration, heading covers heading and jumping and so on.


Second major thing about Rama can be put in just one word: uncertainty. Our goal was to create a game unlike most of the football manager games, where you can reach all the data before making a decision. Why? Years ago I used to play Hattrick (among other similar games) and one day I had to buy one more player, I looked through auctions and found 3 players that would suit my needs: one from Poland, one from Sweden and one from Brazil. They had exactly the same parameters, same character elements, same experience level and then I realized it makes absolutely no difference which one will I buy, they are exactly the same and it is 100% certain. But in real life you usually don't know much details about the player before buying him and that's why we have limited the data you get while browsing through the transfer list and some parameters of the player you bought remain hidden until you get to know him better (through matches he play for you).

Long-term goals

The third major thing about our game is concentrating on long-term goals, rather than quick solutions. You need to know your players well to make the best use of their skills, they have to know each other well enough to play as a team and so on. It will take time to build a good team, but on the other hand you will never play in division lower than 3rd, so you are never more than 2 good seasons away from fighting for championship.


Even though Football-o-Rama was first published around year 2002 this version of the game is made pretty much from scratch, so we wanted to avoid mistakes made by others - get too ambitious and then just abandon their projects - so our plan was to create a fully functional game that will not be impressive graphically, but technically finished and then look into ways to improve it and polish its appearance (similar to retro games that involved with time). So don't expect us to compete with AAA games right now.

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