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Join Football-o-Rama

To join Football-o-Rama you need a Frey Account, a single account that will give you access to all of our multiplayer online games. If you have played one of our other games that use Frey Account, you do not need to register again - use the same login data as in other games.

Our other titles that use Frey Account:
FUEL Basketball
The Lone Detective

Create Frey Account

To create account you need to get through Football-o-Rama demo first.

Why is that? Because we are evil. But also in our demo you will see how Rama looks like before you commit to join the game.

This will save you and us a lot of time - if you just want to take a look at the game, in the demo you will find answers to all of your questions and at the same time you won't be blocking a slot for users already decided to join the game.

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