Free Kick Online Soccer Manager

Free Kick Online Soccer Manager

Free Kick was, just like Hattrick, Swedish made game, but created with a little bit different approach to the theme - while Hattrick was from the beginning very simple and prepare for large number of users Free Kick went different way. From the start users were given not only the main squad, but also reserve team and youth team, each of the teams filled with about 20 players, which means that from the start users were dropped into lots and lots of data to get through (especially since each player was described by more than few parameters). The match report also was unique - each event that took place was described to a tiny detail describing every stage of the event. But this approach to show every detail was one of the flaws of the project - while it was most probably great fun for the devoted fans new users were often put off or confused by the tons of informations they would have to get through to get started and get the feeling of the game.

After 10 years of activity Free Kick was closed in 2014 due to technical and financial problems. It is still remembered as one of the games that was developed by fans for fans, but like in case of Hattrick lack of game improvements lead this game to the bottom.

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