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Fantasy League 50 Goals soccer manager game

Fantasy League 50 Goals

Fantasy League 50 Goals is in a way soccer prediction game, but it really isn’t. Instead of running the whole club all you have to do is decide how many goals should your team score. No, not by bribing referees, but by predicting how many goals your opponent will score. Confused yet? Good.

Each manager has 50 goals to spend during the season lasting 25 matches, so on average you can score about 2 goals per match. But in a matches against your rivals you probably will have to invest more than two goals. Or do you? Perhaps your opponent knows you will spend more than 2 goals, so he won’t waste his pool on this game and will save the goals for some other opponent. Or maybe he knows that you know he will not spend goals in this match and will invest 4 goals, just to outsmart you...

And that is how Fantasy League 50 Goals works - you know how many goals your opponents have left in their pool, they know how much you have, so whoever will guess what the others will due will end up on top of the division. Oh yes, there is a division and no matter how well your last season went you will start the next one again with only 50 goals to spend, just like everybody else.

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