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Season 14 champions

Frey United Software

In Division A FC Comandoh managed to avoid losing a single league match this time and won championship after last 3 titles in a row belonged to Junior MKS. FC Comandoh overall had a good season reaching final in domestic cup and won HSLS Cup.

In Division B Bombezni Lamantyny regained championship title, but also achieved perfect season with domestic cup and Elite Cup wins.

In Division C Nothing Toulouse FC won 4th championship title in a row and won domestic cup, in both cases beating Kimmeridge. Kimmeridge was also unlucky enough to be beaten by Bombezni Lamantyny in Elite Cup final.

In Division D SPTTJS won the title with only 2 points advantage over last season champions, Nanning Royals FC, who won the domestic cup.

Congratulations to the champions and those, who did not have that much luck this season.


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Reboot slightly delayed

Frey United Software

The restart of new Rama season is delayed until December 1st, the problems with new engine proved to be serious enough that there was no point in starting the season now and fixing them while the season is on the way. Sorry about that, but the new interface and new options should make up for the delay :)


The longer break between seasons

Frey United Software

The break between season that will start in Wednesday, November 8th, will be longer than usual due to long list of changes that were long overdue in the game, including: - new version of match engine, - new version of lineup selection, - new tactical settings, - rework of player skills, - better match viewer, - rework of scouting. As well as the problems that were not resolved in recent seasons: - stadium improvement, - sponsorship negotiations, - stadium rooms. The end of the break will be around 24th November, so the new season could start at the beginning of the December.


Restart postponed

Frey United Software

Sorry, but due to job-related obligations I was unable to prepare the changes for upcoming season. That is why the restart was postponed twice in past week and now, unfortunately it will be postponed again, until August 7th. The new match engine, fixing the sponsor deals, reserve team matches and stadium rooms - all of it takes time, which I did not have in past 2 weeks. Sorry, but that is just the reality :(


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