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Season 14 champions

Frey United Software

In Division A FC Comandoh managed to avoid losing a single league match this time and won championship after last 3 titles in a row belonged to Junior MKS. FC Comandoh overall had a good season reaching final in domestic cup and won HSLS Cup.

In Division B Bombezni Lamantyny regained championship title, but also achieved perfect season with domestic cup and Elite Cup wins.

In Division C Nothing Toulouse FC won 4th championship title in a row and won domestic cup, in both cases beating Kimmeridge. Kimmeridge was also unlucky enough to be beaten by Bombezni Lamantyny in Elite Cup final.

In Division D SPTTJS won the title with only 2 points advantage over last season champions, Nanning Royals FC, who won the domestic cup.

Congratulations to the champions and those, who did not have that much luck this season.


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Last minute problem

Frey United Software

During tests on Saturday I have detected a problem with account / club creation on the public copy (account does not switch correctly the status, allows inactive user to parts of the interface it should not), was hoping it is easy to fix, yet on Monday only some of them are fixed. New restart date is Wednesday, if the problems will continue we will start the season without option for new users to join.


Don’t... even... ask....

Frey United Software

That is all I have to say - random disaster, few hours without electricity, happy times all around :( Should be done with the restart by the morning, but taking under consideration how well everything went so far in 2024 something weird will happen anyway, so I moved the start of the season until Friday.



Frey United Software

The mystery behind gmail notifications is finally solved, but it will take few hours to adapt to new rules and retest the functions involved in sending e-mails, so we will start the new season on Tuesday. And this is finally final :)


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