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Sensible World of Soccer soccer manager game

Sensible World of Soccer

Sensible Soccer was in a way revolution among the soccer games - the visual side was not great, the options were not very impressive, but it was such fun to play that it was an instant hit in 1992. In 1994 Sensible World of Soccer was published - in a way sequel to Sensible Soccer, but also another revolution. This time we had not only the options for arcade game, but also to manage the team and play whole career as player-manager. Of course the management side of the game was rather marginal, but introduction of transfer market made a huge difference. The skills of the player were described by 3 letters he had next to his name, f.e. H for heading, V for speed, P for passing, T for tackling, etc. Those three letters were showing his strong points, but since the game had arcade side we were able to see ourselves how the player was doing during the matches. Apart from that there were simple options to promote youth players (they were taking place in the team if did not have enough professional players).

Apart from transfer market Sensible World of Soccer was nothing more than expansion pack to regular Sensible Soccer, but at the same time it made a huge difference to gameplay. We had the chance to actually build the team and compete in league games and cups - there was no age parameter, so players were able to play forever, thanks to options to swap players and bid for players from different clubs it was a completely new experience.

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Strong points

  • arcade game mixed with management options,
  • options to place bids for players from other teams and not only via transfer market,
  • real player names,
  • plenty of competitions to take part in,

Weak points

  • very superficial management part of the game (only transfers),
  • very simple player parameters (although you had chance to see for yourself the games)
  • inadequate option to generate match result without watching the game itself (the results were often far from those you would get by watching the match)
  • full season was taking a lot of time,

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Sensible World of Soccer

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