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Championship Manager 2010 soccer manager game

Championship Manager 2010

Another game from the Championship Manager series offered few new elements since they were trying to keep up with their biggest rival Football Manager. Most of them were rather marginal, f.e. set pieces planner, scouting network reports and ProZone analysis. But the biggest change was the match engine - for the first time Championship Manager was offering a 3D view on the match events, which was done with a lot of effort (using over 500 individual player animations), which would give a chance to watch the match like in TV.

Unfortunately in practice most of the changes were already done in other games, while the 3D match engine was full of glitches and not always gave good view on the action. But the biggest problem with the game was what must be good in football manager game - the match engine itself. While we had plenty of countries and teams to choose from, a lot of options while managing the club still the most important thing is the match engine, which actually failed in Championship Manager 2010. For example the injuries were far too frequent (often at least 1 in each game, sometimes even 4 or 5 in one team during single match). The interface was far from being user friendly (especially while selecting the team for the match), the scouting network did not worked as expected, the transfer negotiations were sometimes just weird - you could spend a lot of time on negotiations and at the end of them learn that the player was not interested in a first place.

Overall Championship Manager 2010 was step towards the standards set by Football Manager, but the improvements, including 3D match engine did not actually worked.

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Strong points

  • plenty of countries and clubs to choose from
  • nice options to view the match
  • easy to find any player in the game

Weak points

  • transfer negotiations system that was often weird or the information if player is interested was missing
  • sending scouts to watch up to players at the time
  • scouting network reports that are less than helpful
  • glitches and weird behavior of players in 3D match engine
  • interface not very user friendly
  • team selection or change really not easy to use

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