1st Division Manager

1st Division Manager

Published in 1991 the game was even back then limited in offered options - only one simulated division, very simple player parameters, not very inspired graphics. The novelty were animations with different endings that showed the opportunities for both teams, although after few games the number of the animations was rather small. Another new approach was the option before or during the match to have a team talk, although it was also rather limited - since there were no informations about what exactly our players were doing on the field (individual statistics) it was hard to guess which player should be replaced or who to blame for the result so far.

Training options were as simple as the player parameters - since players had only 4 parameters we were able to use one of 5 training sessions (with fitness being the fifth), there were transfer options, simple tactics decisions, even the weekly balance, but at the same time there were no tools to do something more about tactics or economy.

Nice little game, but even at the time of the publication it was rather obsolete.

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