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Football-o-Rama Polls

Help us improve our project by taking part in our online polls. While we have in our minds what we want to achieve we're open to your opinion.

Transfers in Rama will take place only in first half of the season

Managers should have option to form federations or clans to cooperate

Long term club strategy should have influence on short term tactics, f.e. strategy of investing in wingers should make use wings tactics better, but others slightly less effective

Should experienced players have access to additional tactical options?

Reserve and youth team match reports will not be available, just summary from staff

Rama will have no set limit to team size, only budget and morale will regulate it

Staff skills are described only through certificates that suggest skill level, but skill level has no numeric value

Staff members skills give access to additional data, but it is not signaled in interface which ones

I prefer game to:

What do you see as the most important element of good game of the genre?

We plan 2-3 games each week (league and cup)

How much time weekly you plan to spend on the game?

When is it most likely you will be active on the website?

How often you could log into the game to manage your club?

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