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Football-o-Rama is online soccer manager established in 2002. The game is completely browser-based, which means that there is no need to install anything on your computer. All you need to join is any device with webbrowser and access to Internet. Football-o-Rama is free to play, there are some options available for paying users, but they have no direct influence on the game itself, f.e. the right to rename your players, uploading team logo or personal avatar.

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free online soccer manager Football-o-Rama

Five reasons why you should join Football-o-Rama:

  • game is free to play
  • you can play on any device with Internet access
  • you don't need to install anything on your device
  • you will never play in division lower than 3rd
  • you can start your team in any place in the world

What else we have to offer?

  • local and global competitions with simple structures
  • you can choose the way you build your team
  • many transfer options (auctions, transfer offers, loans, free agents, scouting)
  • flexible training and player parameters system
  • plenty of sport and non-sport related activities
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Football-o-Rama News

The staff

Another bit of new Football-o-Rama - the staff system. We have changed the whole concept of what you may know from other games - you can hire as many people as you want to help you around the club and the stadium. But there are only two limitation...

Stadium details

Each stadium in Football-o-Rama contains over 40 parts that can be built, improved or repaired... Not to mentino the maintenance and cleaning...

Football-o-Rama is not like other football managers

Build your own club from scratch and lead it to the top of the league using any means that you will find fit: buy and sell players or use players from your youth academy. Invest in the stadium or build a financial empire that will cover the whole world. Join the online soccer manager that is completely different from the others and compete with users from around the world!

free online football manager Football-o-Rama
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