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Club staff

You can, and in most cases definitely should, hire club staff. You can either hire scouting agency to find them for you or you can hire them (if they are available) through staff market. Due to our basic rule of uncertainty their skills are not known to you, the only thing that indicates how good they could be are the certificates. There are Level 1 certificates, which suggest that this employee have at least all the basics covered, and there are Level 2 certificates, which suggest that he has some skills and experience. People with no certificates are enigma, they could be complete amateurs, but they also could have great talent in their field, the only way to learn it is by hiring them.

Why does it work that way in Football-o-Rama? Actually it is partly based on business theory of incompetence - for example if you go to the doctor and he treats your illness you assume that he is competent. You can only discover that he isn't by going to different doctor and finding out that actually there is a better or safer way to treat your illness. But in that theory the first doctor will still be sure he is fully competent, because no one yet proved him wrong. Same rules apply to your staff - they provide you with the best support they can give, but you can't be sure how competent they actually are until you find your new staff member to be better than the old one was.

Employee induction

Once you hire an employee he does not start his work the same day, he will arrive at your club on nearest Monday and then start his job. However there is also induction period - after new employee joins your club he will need some time to adapt to his workplace, so in first few weeks he will not work usig his full skills level.


There are 20 professions in Football-o-Rama, most of them cover a very particular part of club activity or provide you with specific range of data.


Coach takes care of the trainings, higher skills equals faster training. Number of coaches also have some influence on training speed, but having two coaches does not mean that training is twice as fast, it is just faster than with one coach.

Good coach will also speed up the unveiling of player parameters in your team through observation during matches and trainings.

Goalkeeping coach

While goalkeepers gain as much from regular trainings as rest of the players, goalkeeping coach is kind of extra insurance that your keepers will be in best form.

Fitness coach

(not fully implemented yet)
Fitness coach does not take part in regular trainings, he takes care of the players that need extra fitness or stamina boost and are assigned to fitness training (not yet available).

Youth team coach

(not fully implemented yet)
Youth team coach works with your youth team only, so having him without players in youth team makes him idle. He does not speed up players training, his main aim is proper development of the young players.


Scout provides with data about players outside of your club.
your opponents assignment - scout will observe teams in your division only and provide you with knowledge about them
other divisions assignment - scouti will observe teams outside of your division and provide you with knowledge about players, he can also be used for scout report role, where he can create short info about any player in any club or on transfer list / amateur list
talent scouting assignment - scout will travel through your country searching for players with potential, he will report back to you as soon as he finds a talent worth your time.

Data analyst

(not fully implemented yet)
Data analyst can provide you with data about your opponents that scout could not.


(not fully implemented yet)
Administrator keeps your club running smoothly and stay away from legal or administrative trouble.


(not fully implemented yet)
Groundskeeper inspects stadium and is responsible for keeping it clean and in best possible condition. Groundskeeper will not stop stadium decline, everything with time requires a renovation, he just slows down the process.

Marketing manager

Marketing manager will speed up the sponsorship negotiations and can provide better offers for in-stadium adverts. In future he also will provide you with opportunities to earn extra money.


Accountant keeps the club finance in tact and may find ways for your club to cut some costs.

Health and safety officer

Health and safety officer will deal with outside inspections and keep your stadium up-to-date with all safety regulations.

Security coordinator

(not fully implemented yet)
Security coordinator is responsible for keeping your fans under control during the matches and when other events take place on the stadium.


Doctor has the knowledge to diagnose your players, determine the length of their injuries and also finding ways to speed up their recovery.


Physios take care of the players fitness. They can reduce the chance of injuries during the training, but also provide you with more or less precise informations about their current fitness.

Sport psychologist

Sport psychologist will work with your players to keep their morale level high and their minds focused on football. However, just like groundskeeper, psychologist in some cases may not be able to improve morale of some players, he only can slow down their morale or form decline.


(not fully implemented yet)
Spokesperson will help you handle the media events and keep your fans happy.

Language teacher

You may need language teacher in one case only - when you have in your team foreigner that does not speak the same language group as rest of your team. Such players will improve their language with time, language teacher only speeds up that process.


Chef prepares the food that your players eat during working hours, so they would keep the best form and will not get food poisoning. However what they do after trainings is not under his control, so there is always chance they will eat something unhealthy.


Dietitian prepares eating rigors for your players so they would keep the best form and most energy, but some of your players might not follow those rigors.

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