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Creating account

First step is creating Frey Account. It is a single account that will allow you to join any of our online games. We will need your e-mail address to send activation link, without which the account will not be created. The e-mail address will not be visible to other users.

The public name will be used to sign your forum posts, messages and ranking entries - you won't be able to change it later, so choose wisely. And it is good practice to not use your real name as public name.

First steps in game

There are 4 steps you need to take before you actually join game - create your team, build stadium, hire players and choose division.

Creating a team

All you need to do to create team is to choose its name, logo and colours. Keep in mind that we prefer clubs to have names that are easy to read, non-offensive and are even remotely football oriented - if you choose to f.e. name your club somethign like ImThEkInGoFtHeJuNgLe or FC Motherfuchers you might not be allowed to join divisions.

You pick two colours for your team - one will be used as shirt colour, the other will be used for shorts. Premium accounts get to choose more options for their kits. Team colours will affect your team badge.

Building a stadium

With your starting budget you will have to buy land and build a simple stadium with minimum capacity. You can establish your club in any available country in the world, in any available city as long as you can afford the initial costs, so don't expect to start your team in biggest cities like London or Moscow, because your initial budget will not allow that. It does matter what country and city you will choose - in smaller towns everything will be cheaper, but it might be harder to find a lot of fans, in bigger cities everything is more expensive, but also there are other factors that might drain your wallet.

In future you will be able to move your club to other location, but you will need to leave your stadium behind.

Hiring players

There are few ways you can hire players, but the quickest way is to choose local amateurs. They are available any time, they are cheap and they are not limited by transfer window. Also you can choose free agents, direct transfers from other teams, loan deals or auctions, but they will take some time - all transfer deals are finalised on Sunday after the Sunday matches.

Choosing division

You do not need to join division straight away, you can make decision any time, as long as there are free slots. It is better to join division with lower clubs reputation - your opponents will most likely be on your level of experience.

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