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Football-o-Rama blog

Interface update

Frey United Software

Football-o-Rama interface was just updated to make full use of the club staff. For new teams it will mean that some of the player data will not be available right now, which was one of the basic concepts beyond Rama development.

All the new players details are unavailable even to the owner of the club they signed for until the player will spend some time in the club (like few weeks) or will play few matches for his team. Also once you select team captain (via club strategy page) he will help with learning the player details faster, as well as the coach assigned to the first team (via club organization page). Of course some parameters are easy to unveil (like pace or shooting), others will take some more time (like tactical skills or set pieces).

Similar rules apply right now to players in other clubs - you will not see their details unless you hire a good scout and assign him to watch your opponents. In case of the players that did not yet played any matches you will know only basic data, like height and built, but after they will play few matches more details will be available.

At the same time the club organization page allows you to assign some of the staff members to their jobs, but each time you change the assignment that staff member will take some time to work in full capacity in new job.

It might be a bit strange at the beginning, but there will additional options available to learn more about players, even before you will sign them up.


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Domestic cup winners

Frey United Software

Final matches of Domestic Cups took place and we have the first winners that will play next year in interdivisional HSLS Cup. In Division A FC Comandoh beat the division leader Junior MKS 3-0, which was surprising since Junior so far lost only twice this season (once in a league match and once in Elite Cup). FC Comandoh gave the opponents no chance and completely dominated the match. In Division B Bombezni Lamantyny won 3-0 in the final against FK Partizan. The result was expected - Bombezni has a good run lately and in the semi-final they beaten the division leader, Chievo Verona. In Division C ubeaten Nothing Toulouse FC is still unbeaten. They won the cup final against Addicted float club scouring four goals. In Division D cup final FC Cape Town Thunder, the sole non-1st division team, won 2-1 against 1st division FC Bartalona. This match was the most interesting of the finals, not only because 3rd Div team reached that level, but also because both sides were very active and until last minute the win was still up for grab.


New training reports

Frey United Software

We are finishing tests of the new version of training reports that will be in use from next Monday. In new version the training reports will not only contain the information about progress in technical data, but also main skill. Up to this point only the increase of main skill level was reported, but since it is quite rare (so far) it was a problem for new managers. Now you will see not only how close your players are to reaching next level of the main skill, but also who made progress in latest training sessions. Another new elements will be the short info how effective the latest training were, which could indicate if club needs more or better staff members to make better use of the training sessions. In future (hopefully not far future) the training report will also show more detailed description of the training itself, which could give hints which player should be given a place in starting lineup.


Elite Cup Final

Frey United Software

In first leg of the first Elite Cup Final Nothing Toulouse FC proved to be too strong for home side, Junior MKS, they scored 3 goals and kept the clean sheet. This puts Toulouse in good position before second leg that will take place on their own stadium. Nothing Toulouse FC is currently the only team in top divisions that did not lost a league match with 16 wins in a row. No wonder two of the top scorers in Division C1 are players of Toulouse: Christian Thygesen scored 23 goals this season and Renato Marino managed to score 13 times. Junior MKS is leader of Division A1, with 9 points advantage and so far it was their second defeat this season (one in league match and now one in Elite Cup). Second leg of Elite Cup Final will take place next Wednesday.


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