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Football-o-Rama blog

New functions added

Frey United Software

New elements are available in game interface: ticket prices, club strategy and club organization.

Ticket prices are... pretty much self-explanatory, so I think we are gonna skip that one.

Club strategy allows you to set goals for your team for current season, like what the training should concentrate on, which development target is most important (youth players, first team, defence). Also in this interface you can set overall style of play for your team and select team captain. All of those settings, once saved, are fixed for reminder of current season, including team captain. They only slightly change the tactics that you will choose for every match, they are more general targets to achieve.

Club organization is another layer to your club staff in Rama - here you can give specific assignments to your staff members, especially scouts. They can watch your opponents, they can scout throughout other divisions for potential transfer targets or they can scout for new talents. That list will expand with time, but now it will allow us soon to add one more layer to staff, but that will be explained later.


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Elite Cup Round 1 drawn

Frey United Software

First round of the Elite Cup, the competition in which top team of last season face in order to win the top trophy of Football-o-Rama. Each round is played in two legs, week after week. In first round of Elite Cup first leg pairs are: Junior MKS (Div A1) - Chengdu RongCheng (Div D1) Chievo Verona (Div B1) - FC Comandoh (Div A1) AFC Beddingham (Div D1) - Nothing Toulouse FC (Div C1) Galanis Team (Div C1) - Astrokids (Div B1)


Staff management

Frey United Software

Club staff now gained options to extend or terminate their contracts. Just like in case of players, staff members can extend contract in the last season of their current contract. With each contract extension their wages will be increased. Also one fix was implemented - the youth or reserve team players now can have their contract extended without moving them to first team.


End of season break

Frey United Software

Current season ends on Sunday, there will be one weekend without league games (10-12th September) so I would have some time to implement additional features and store all the data. New season will start on 17th September. During that break there will be 3 rounds of friendly matches and all other club activities will take place as usual (staff changes, stadium improvements, etc).


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