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Guess what?

Frey United Software

No, no clues, just guess! Yup, we are more or less, almost completely, open and mildly proud of it. To some extent. You can now register, create club, join division and take part in friendly games that are runup to the regular season. And this is, as they say France, it.

It’s been a long couple of days, at the end of long week, at the end of very long month, at the end of about 8-years-long development process full of experiments, improvements, re-developing ideas, testing, re-testing, testing again, fighting with dragons, finding the Holy Grail, then losing it, re-developing interface and testing everything once more.

Well, to be fair some of those statements are not completely true, the interface was just slightly patched up, not fully re-developed.

Some of the things are not yet fully functional in Football-o-Rama, but finishing them all would postpone game re-opening for further months. I’m developing the game in my spare time (I think I do, because I almost forgot now what spare time is), on top of my normal business, so it was a bit of a struggle for me, especially while I had to fight the dragons as well.

Nevertheless what you about to see is closest I ever been to what was the plan for Football-o-Rama - experiences from previous versions of the game plus other titles produced the new Rama.

Some elements, like club strategy, stadium rooms, staff members or stock market, are on early stage of implementation, but all of them are parts of the grand plan. Hope you’ll stick around to see the game in its full potential one day.

What else can I add? Perhaps: and they all lived happily ever after. Well, at least until the first patch, which will ruin everything, but let’s not spoil the surprise that awaits us all in the future.

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Staff management

Frey United Software

Club staff now gained options to extend or terminate their contracts. Just like in case of players, staff members can extend contract in the last season of their current contract. With each contract extension their wages will be increased. Also one fix was implemented - the youth or reserve team players now can have their contract extended without moving them to first team.


End of season break

Frey United Software

Current season ends on Sunday, there will be one weekend without league games (10-12th September) so I would have some time to implement additional features and store all the data. New season will start on 17th September. During that break there will be 3 rounds of friendly matches and all other club activities will take place as usual (staff changes, stadium improvements, etc).


While you were sleeping...

Frey United Software

I know, the title sounds a bit creepy, but while you were sleeping an update happened on Rama. The new assignments for scouts are available and the talent scouting feature was re-balanced. Team focus You can assign scout to prepare a report about particular club that you will assign from drop-down menu. Keep in mind that it will take your scout at least few days to gather data, so if you think he can spy on your next opponent you might be disappointed. Our division To avoid confusion the assignment previously called "our opponents" was renamed to "our division", so it would not be mixed up with team focus. Scouting abroad This is a brand new feature - just like in talent scouting you can send your scout to look for promising talents, but here you can send him to any country in the world. Talent scouting This assignment was re-balanced to provide higher chances of finding a new talent in your own country. Club notifications It is a small new feature, it will provide you with messages, like info from scout about new talent or new report from reserve team being available.


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