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A semifinal to remember

Frey United Software

The LLLB Cup semifinal duel between SV Blau Weiss and MKS Chrzanow was something to remember with 16 goals scored in 2 matches.

In first leg SV Blau Weiss manages to win away 4-3 with Nils Granqvist scoring a hattrick. MKS Chrzanow had to prepare something spectacular for the 2nd match and they certainly have. Playing away on the Merck Stadion after 19 minutes they were winning 2-1 already. Up to 50th minute it was a very even duel and the score was 3-3.

This would give SV Blau Weiss the ticket to the final, but in next 30 minutes MKS Chrzanow managed to score 3 goals. So, after 3-4 score home and 6-3 score away team from Chrzanow won on aggregate 9-7, which is something definitely worth to remember.

Congratulations to both teams for this unique semifinal.


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Restart postponed

Frey United Software

Sorry, but due to job-related obligations I was unable to prepare the changes for upcoming season. That is why the restart was postponed twice in past week and now, unfortunately it will be postponed again, until August 7th. The new match engine, fixing the sponsor deals, reserve team matches and stadium rooms - all of it takes time, which I did not have in past 2 weeks. Sorry, but that is just the reality :(


New indoor matches engine

Frey United Software

New indoor matches engine just made its premiere with... tiny glitch, of course. The new version puts a bit more emphasis on team formation selected for the tournament, so now it makes a bigger difference if you choose 2-2-1, 2-1-2 or 3-1-1 formation. Another difference is that each match details right now contains not only the goal scorers, but also full statistics for each player involved in the match and simple representation of team formation used by both teams.


Season 17

Frey United Software

There will be few changes for the upcoming season 17, apart from new match engine, there will be better indoor tournaments match engine, fully played reserve / youth team matches. Also there will be two changes in the transfer system: planned transfers will be finalised after each league round and the transfer window will not close after round 12. There are small changes in the interface, which is part of the bigger planned rework.


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