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New kit editor and premium features

Frey United Software

New team kit editor is available - it allows you to preview all of the options available and add elements to temporary version of your kits before making the new version public.

Two first "premium" features are available now, one of which is linked to the kit editor. If you have VIP points in your account you can spend them on adding pattern to your team kit (additional button and options will be available).

Second "premium" option lets you change your player name - just click on his name in details page and you will get access to form that will allow you to enter new name for that player. Unlike the team kit change of the name requires admin approval, so keep in mind that new name for your player should be within his nationality. The VIP points will be deducted from your account once the name is approved.

Right now there is no option to buy VIP points, there will be one in future. If you do not have VIP points all you have to do is wait until start of next season - you will get some at that point.


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New indoor matches engine

Frey United Software

New indoor matches engine just made its premiere with... tiny glitch, of course. The new version puts a bit more emphasis on team formation selected for the tournament, so now it makes a bigger difference if you choose 2-2-1, 2-1-2 or 3-1-1 formation. Another difference is that each match details right now contains not only the goal scorers, but also full statistics for each player involved in the match and simple representation of team formation used by both teams.


Season 17

Frey United Software

There will be few changes for the upcoming season 17, apart from new match engine, there will be better indoor tournaments match engine, fully played reserve / youth team matches. Also there will be two changes in the transfer system: planned transfers will be finalised after each league round and the transfer window will not close after round 12. There are small changes in the interface, which is part of the bigger planned rework.


Progress report

Frey United Software

The start of season 17 will be delayed until Wednesday, 19th April, so I could do some more tests of the new engine. The main change in new version is putting more emphasis on tactics and team formation than in previous one. This should result in less predictable matches - even if you have less skilled players you can use the weak points of you opponent to your advantage. Second main change aims to reduce chances of one-sided matches, where one club gets 70% of the ball possession and 90% of goal chances. Third important change will be with the tactics settings - your playmaker will be able to try another tactical setting (f.e. switching to attack on the wings rather than through center) if the tactics up to that point was completely ineffective. It does not mean that the basics of the engine have changed, if you had a strong team, it will remain strong, but it will take a bit more effort to prove your domination over your opponents.


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