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New kit editor and premium features

Frey United Software

New team kit editor is available - it allows you to preview all of the options available and add elements to temporary version of your kits before making the new version public.

Two first "premium" features are available now, one of which is linked to the kit editor. If you have VIP points in your account you can spend them on adding pattern to your team kit (additional button and options will be available).

Second "premium" option lets you change your player name - just click on his name in details page and you will get access to form that will allow you to enter new name for that player. Unlike the team kit change of the name requires admin approval, so keep in mind that new name for your player should be within his nationality. The VIP points will be deducted from your account once the name is approved.

Right now there is no option to buy VIP points, there will be one in future. If you do not have VIP points all you have to do is wait until start of next season - you will get some at that point.


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Inter Cups semifinals

Frey United Software

In Elite Cup current cupholders, Nothing Toulouse FC (Div C1), were unexpectedly beaten by Junior MKS (Div A1) after penalties since both matches were won by away teams 2-0. In the final Junior MKS will face Bombezni Lamantyny (Div B1), who made spectacular comeback away against Kimmeridge (Div C1). First match was drawn 0-0 and in second leg Lamantyny managed to win 4-2. In HSLS Cup 2 two team from Division B1, Chievo Verona and FC Joker, lost playing away and in cup final JR All Stars (Div D1) will face Potion Drinkers (Div A1). The LLLB Cup there were no surprises, RAEC Mons (Div C1) won the first match against Floresta FC (Div A2) 5-2, and in second leg they only increased their advantage by winning 2-0 away. In second semifinal SGFCcn (Div A1) beat Midvagur Riverbank FC despite losing the away match 0-1.


Sponsor negotiations reworked

Frey United Software

Sponsorship negotiations were (finally) reworked: - now the page will show what staff members take part in the negotiations (if any), - the progress is shown (if possible) using percentage, - the basics of negotiations are present in the context help. Also few changes were made to the mechanics: - negotiations updates will take place more than once a week, - the borderline value to sign contract prematurely was lowered to 51%, - small tweaks were done to the influence of current results on negotiations, - older trophies have influence on negotiations, - sponsors will terminate negotiations if they feel they are going nowhere.


New match report

Frey United Software

First elements of the new match report are used from now on - the lineups of both teams are available in more clear formula with additional colours (from red to green) used to highlight the rating player got in this particular match. This is part of the match report rebuild, further elements will be upgraded before end of current season.


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