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Another huge milestone reached

Frey United Software

No, not the 1 million new users in 7 days, but it’s Monday afterall, so... fingers crossed! This new milestone is huge, although noone actually asked for it :) How huge it is? If you are not interested in taking part in them it will not change your life. If you are interested in taking part... it will not change your life either. But if you spent last 3 weeks working on it really is huge, it’s like having a smaller game hidden within bigger game.

Well, anyway - indoor championship is the new huge change to Football-o-Rama. It was one of the elements that was planned from beginning, but there were always more important things to take care of. There still are more important things to fix in the game, but indoor tournaments are here anyway. This part of the game was inspired by German competition from 1990s and early 2000s called DFB Hallenpokal.

What is it all about? Each week 6-a-side indoor tournaments will take place on Wednesdays, each with 6 teams taking part. You can join up to 5 of them each season, you will have to assign at least 6 players to your indoor team and select separate lineup. The tournament is split into group stage, in which 3 teams will face each other once, top two teams will play in semi-finals and two winners of semi-finals will play in the final. Each tournament has prizes for best teams - winner gets the amount listed in the calendar, the finalist will get half of the amount and each semi-finalist will get 10 per cent. Also winner of tournament will get 5 points, runner-up will get 3 and semi-finalists will get 1 point to the indoor championship ranking. At the end of the season top 6 teams that gathered most points in tournaments will take part in Masters Tournament, in which the prizes are much higher.

Why would you want to take part in indoor championship?
1. you can earn money
2. it is chance for players that have no chance to play in league or cups to get some experience
3. matches are completely different and require different skills, so even if your team is struggling in the league your players could be great in indoor tournaments
4. because someone, who will remain nameless, spent 3 weeks working on it and you feel sorry for him

The tournaments are already drawn for current season, first will take place in 2 days, visit My Division > Indoor Championship for details.


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End of season 13

Frey United Software

Season 13 was full of tough matches, both in league and cups. Although it was suppose to be unlucky, there were no major bugs found, so that was a good thing. In Division A Junior MKS, despite losing its manager, won the title for the third time with clear advantage of 11 points over Tormboo S.C. Dean Hutchison of FC Comandoh was the top scorer with 25 goals. In Division B, as usual, it was very tight at the top, this season Chievo Verona became the champion with 2 points advantage over Bombezni Lamantyny. Daniel of Super Dark Blue was the top scorer of this division with 25 goals. In Division C it was even tighter with Nothing Toulouse FC and Kimmeridge ending up with same amount of points, same match record (20-1-1), but Nothing Toulouse won by better goal difference. Chin-Mae Moon of SAC Suncheon ended up as division top scorer with 17 goals. In Division D Nanning Royals FC beat FC Bartalona by only 2 points and until the last round the title was up for grab. Ian Holland of GoeBezig Vilvoorde was the top scorer with 16 goals. Congratulations to the champions and smaller congratulations to those, who ended on second places :)


Inter Cups winners

Frey United Software

After the toughest matches so far the Inter Cups finals have finished today. In Elite Cup Bombezni Lamantyny won 3-2 and drew 1-1 (4-3 aggregated) in matches against Junior MKS. Mykola Melnik of Bombezni Lamantyny and Kasper Dolberg of Nothing Toulouse FC where the top scorers with 6 goals each. In HSLS Cup Potion Drinkers beat JR All Stars 3-2 away and 2-1 home (5-3 aggregated). Dylan McKee of JR All Stars and Antoine Cazalon of Potion Drinkers where the top scorers with 5 goals to their names. The first match of LLLB Cup final ended with 1-0 win for SGFCcn, but in second leg RAEC Mons managed to win 3-0 and gained a new piece to their trophy cabinet. Roi Durhuus of Midvagur Riverbank FC was the top scorer of that cup with 6 goals. Congratulations to winners and those, who did not make it to the finals!


Cup finals results

Frey United Software

Local cup finals were played, in Division A Junior MKS left no doubts and beaten FC Comandoh 4-1 to win the domestic cup for second time in a row. Gabriele Pasquato of Floresta FC was the competition top scorer with 5 goals. In Division B Zodiac Montpellier won 2-0 against Wooly Bully and also won the trophy second time in a row. Christophe Gaffory of Zodiac and Vieira of Chievo Verona were top scorers with 5 goals each. In Division C Nothing Toulouse FC did not made use of a home stadium advantage and lost 0-1 to Kimmeridge, which means they lost chance to win that trophy third time in a row. Kasper Dolberg of Nothing Toulouse FC was the top scorer of the season with 8 goals. The final in Division D was the only one that required penalty shoot-out to decide the winning team. After 0-0 draw in a match Midvagur Riverbank FC managed to beat Nanning Royals FC 3-1. Also the Masters Tournament of Indoor Championship took place with surprising winner - KevFon 06 was the first team ever to win the trophy. Congratulations to winners and finalists!


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